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Hamilton College has a student volunteer Emergency Medical Service. All members are NY State certified EMTs. This service is available 24 hours a day when classes are in session. In case of emergency, call x4000 and EMTs will be dispatched to the scene. The EMT report becomes part of the student medical record, accessible only to the professional staff of the Health Center.

HCEMS Fall '08 Members

Top Row: Sam Ward, Andrew Branting, Keith Wilner, Ben Saccamano
Second Row: Erin Evans, Alexa Schwarzman, Emma Trucks, Cassidy Jay
Third Row: Megan Herman, Sujitha Amalanayagam, Kendra Wulczyn, Christina Clark
Fourth Row: Ashley Bourgeois, Caitlyn Williams, Sarah Goodell, Kathy Lee
Bottom Row: Amanda Schoen, Nick Berry, Shyama Nair, Ryan Seewald
Not pictured: Sam Cowan, Jared Leslie, Shane Knapp (abroad), John Lofrese (abroad)

HCEMS Mission Statement

The Hamilton College Emergency Medical Services (HCEMS) is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing professional emergency prehospital medical care to the Hamilton College community during the academic year.

HCEMS is a basic life support first responder non-transport agency approved by the State of New York Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services operating under the Administration of the Hamilton College Student Health Service. HCEMS works closely with the Hamilton College Campus Safety Office, the Clinton Fire Department and Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

The services of HCEMS are extended to all members of the Hamilton College faculty, staff and student body while either living or working on campus. The services are also extended to persons visiting the campus.

HCEMS is operated on a non-profit basis.

Contacting HCEMS

If you need immediate medical assistance, dial x4000 from any campus phone or (315) 859 4000 from a cell phone to speak directly with Campus Safety.

To schedule a medical appointment at the Health Center, please visit the Health Center's web page to learn more about the services the Health Center offers and information on contacting them. For general comments or questions about HCEMS, please send an email to Diann Lynch, the Director of HCEMS..

In an Emergency, Dial x4000